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Quincy Scott, played by Jordan Barton, is a young man who decided a long time ago that he would become his own boss. In his early 20s, he and his girlfriend started their own business and watched it quickly grow into a successful company. However, the business has hit a rough patch and Quincy is doing all he can to ensure it remains afloat. It’s a struggle for him, so he’s almost always in a state of frustration. When he’s not stressing over his company, he’s a genuinely nice guy who loves his friends and truly adores his girlfriend, Alicia. Quincy takes pride in being able to meet all of Alicia’s needs, but when his ability to care for her is put into question, his ego takes a blow.

*Quincy is named after the character played by Omar Epps in the movie, Love & Basketball.


Alicia Davis, played by Ebony Obsidian, is a young woman who’s learned to deal with the continuous obstacles life throws at her. She’s an entrepreneur and supportive girlfriend who holds both her man and her business down. Alicia is a smart, levelheaded person who fully dedicates herself to the things that are most important to her. She has whole-heartedly committed to a long-term relationship with Quincy Scott, a deep-rooted friendship with Jordan Samuels, and a new life in New York City. However, keeping all of this, along with other aspects of her life in tact will become very challenging. How Alicia handles the most difficult hardships she’s ever encountered will test and reveal who she truly is.

*Alicia is named after the character played by Malinda Williams in the movie, The Wood.


Jackson Thomas, played by Bradley Clarke, is a hot shot NYC investment banker who works hard, but plays harder. When he’s not spending hours in the office, he’s spending time in bed with a new woman. He’s smart, smooth and successful, so he gets any lady he wants. He can also be an arrogant jerk, which somehow makes women even more attracted to him. He attended the same university as Quincy, Alicia and Jordan, but didn’t grow close to them until they all reconnected in New York. He would choose hanging out with friends over a woman he’s sleeping with, any day. He loves to party, bar hop, attend galleries and go pretty much anywhere beautiful women will be.

*Jackson is named after the character played by Morris Chestnut in the movie, The Brothers.


Jordan Samuels, played by Verina Banks, is a woman scorned. Jordan has had her heart broken in the past and has figured out a way to prevent it from happening again. She simply won’t catch feelings. For anyone. Ever. It may sound impossible, but Jordan is a woman who loves taking on challenges. Although she has no desire to settle down with anyone, she does love playing the field. Jordan purposely sets up back to back dates on the same night with different guys, and if she doesn’t like someone, she has no problem walking out mid-conversation. Some would call her brutal, but her friends find her hilarious. She and Monica met shortly after she moved to New York and are now roommates. Her and Alicia have been best friends since college, and have gone through tons of ups and downs together. Jordan’s friends and her job mean the world to her. She has a flourishing career, her girls around to make her laugh, and well, she’s beautiful. Who needs a man?

*Jordan is named after the character played by Nia Long in the movie, The Best Man.


Monica Lee, played by Natalie Jacobs, is a kind-hearted young lady who’s just trying to figure out life. She’s smart, free-thinking and all about positivity. Among her friends, she’s the one who always tries to keep the peace. She’s been in New York for a few years now and feels extremely blessed to have met such a great group of people. Monica has recently fallen in love with a guy who often causes her heartache. However, her gift and curse is that she can be way too forgiving. She allows him to mistreat her time and time again, until she just can’t take any more.

*Monica is named after the character played by Sanaa Lathan in the movie, Love & Basketball.

The Stories

Alicia & Quincy (The Long-Term Couple)

Alicia and Quincy were nearly perfect during the first season of Tough Love. They were best friends, lovers and business partners that appeared to have an unbreakable bond. Quincy, who comes from a traditional family upbringing prides himself on being “the man” in his relationship. Alicia knows this about him so she often shrinks herself Read more

Jordan Samuels (The Heartless Single Lady)

Jordan Samuels is educated, successful and 100% dedicated to her career. She’s also a trash-talking, man-hating 20-something-year-old woman who doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone. Like many others in her age group, she has a lot of unresolved issues, but the way she deals with them is what makes her interesting to watch. She goes on Read more

Monica and Jason (Rebound or Real Love?)

Coming Soon.

Jackson Thomas (The Ruthless Bachelor)

Jackson Thomas has two missions in life. One, is to work harder than anyone he knows so that he can become a major powerhouse in his industry. The other, is to hook up with almost every woman in New York City. Jackson is completely devoted to his career and his friends, but he has absolutely Read more

The Crew

How We Did It

Try to envision a small cast and crew running through NYC, hopping on and off trains, shooting in the middle of the street, filming early mornings to avoid crowds- doing anything necessary to get the job done. That’s how we produced Tough Love. We didn’t have a big budget and we didn’t have a large team. What we did have was a dream and the will to make it come to fruition.

“Guerrilla filmmaking is driven by passion with whatever means at hand”, and that’s exactly how we completed this production. With a three-man crew and cast members who were willing to give up their entire weekends throughout the summer, we accomplished what we set out to do and we’re more than excited about the outcome.

Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis is the Director and Executive Producer of Tough Love. He can also be referred to as the Black Robert Rodriguez considering the number of hats he wears while producing a project. For this series, along with the aforementioned roles, Caleb served as the editor, director of photography, camera operator, location manager and production designer. He worked extremely hard to properly bring the vision to life.

Caleb received a Masters in Film from Kingston University in London. He has filmed all over the UK, as well as France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Southeast Asia and West Africa. He has also worked on production teams putting together projects for CBS, Bravo, Oxygen, Air France, Cosmopolitan, the Food Network, and more. Caleb is originally from Los Angeles, but is currently based in New York City.

Roni Davis

Roni Davis is the Writer and Producer of the Tough Love series. Since she was a young girl, she always had a special interest in relationships and how they work, or more-so why often times, they don’t work. She also began writing poems and short stories at just seven years old. So, after years of listening to crazy relationship tales from her friends and family, and of course having her own dating experiences, she decided to build a narrative. She’s more than thrilled to see her writing come alive, and can’t wait to share these stories with the world.

Roni received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and Masters Degree in Media Management. She previously wrote and produced a short film entitled Lost Truth while studying in Florence, Italy. She’s held internships at CNN, Entertainment Tonight, the Dr. Phil Show and Fox. She’s also had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as Patti LaBelle, Kelly Rowland and Nick Cannon. Roni is originally from Los Angeles, but is currently based in New York City.

Brian Lipkins-Scott

Brian Lipkins-Scott is a Supply Chain Manager whose original plan was to simply help out on set the first weekend. However, he ended up falling in love with both the project and cast, so he decided to become a permanent part of the team. This decision helped us all, as everyone is in agreement that the series would’ve been impossible without Brian’s assistance.

The cast instantly nicknamed him Brian “The Guy”, because he was the guy that got things done when the producer and director were taking on other tasks. His specific role was audio tech, but he also provided transportation, pitched story ideas, helped manage time, encouraged the actors, and so much more. He contributed in any way that he could in order to ensure the series becomes a success.

Will Rosati

Will Rosati is finishing up his senior year at Syracuse University, studying Sound Recording Technology. He has professional experience in both music production and sound design for commercial and creative projects alike. He has been writing and producing music since he was very young and loves crafting sound that plays with emotional states. Although he initially joined Tough Love as the sound designer, he is excited to have the opportunity to compose music for the series as well.  Will is the producer and guitarist for the indie pop group, Shiffley, and he produces electronic music heard in Tough Love under the moniker ‘Flid.’ If you like the music in Tough Love, listen to and follow Flid on here!

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